SVETNA – The first book in the saga ‘Chuck’s World’

welcome to 'Chuck's World'  When Svetna is torn from a sheltered childhood at the age of seventeen and forced into a world of drugs and prostitution in the sex slave market of Christiania, she becomes convinced that more than her life is at stake; she knows that they want her very soul.

Following a desperate escape from Denmark, she is pursued to Scotland, where through a chance set of circumstances she is rehabilitated by Chuck, who sees her as the perfect vehicle for a crusade of revenge against her aggressors. Bobby ‘Chuck’ Blake, ex Special Forces; adventurer, soldier of fortune, wandering the world in search of righteous causes for which he can fight.

Her abductor Paolo, enlists the help of local Scottish gangsters to find Svetna. Chuck, convinced that he and Svetna will ultimately be tracked down and killed, calls upon his lifelong friends. Their mission is to return to Copenhagen for a final bloody confrontation with Paolo and his network of gangsters and corrupt officials.

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