List of important Human Trafficking sites

If you want to find out more about Human Trafficking or take action yourself to help a victim, then here are some important links…….


Stop the Traffik – This is the multi-lingual link for this international anti-trafficking organization


Free the Slaves is an international organization and lobby group, established to campaign against the modern practice of slavery around the world. It is the largest anti-slavery organization in the US. It is the US sister-organization of Anti-Slavery International (the world’s oldest human rights organization). The organization was created as a result of research done by Dr. Kevin Bales in his book, Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy.


Not for sale is actively seeking volunteers to help fight against human trafficking in local areas.


Hope for Justice exists to inspire a new GENERATION of Christians:

A GENERATION that will be known for living out the gospel through Justice and righteousness

A GENERATION equipped to make a real difference, wherever it finds itself

A GENERATION united, in purpose and passion, standing like never before, resolved and determined to see every slave set free


The Born to Fly materials can be used for years to come. They have the potential to change the lives of millions of children as we teach them, “You were born to fly—don’t settle for less.”

Born to fly specializes in helping child victims around the world.


The Somaly Mam Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit public charity committed to ending slavery. With the vision and leadership of world renowned Cambodian activist, Somaly Mam, the foundation focuses on eradicating the root of human trafficking, exemplifying a global vision and dedication that will allow its work in the United States and South East Asia to expand to other countries around the world.

Our Vision: A world where women and children are safe from slavery

Our Mission: To give victims and survivors a voice in their lives, liberate victims, end slavery, and empower survivors as they create and sustain lives of dignity.


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  1. Let us start to work together… Thank you for this website

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