Hi there, welcome to my world……………
So what’s this blog about?  well three main things at the moment:
–  Human Trafficking – and related topics
–  The books that I’m writing and publishing in the Chuck’s World saga
–  and finally an overview of my adventures – I travel a lot in pursuit of adventure sport.
From time to time I intend to review a book or film that I find either particularly good, bad or just plain interesting……..
For me, a blog doesn’t really work unless other folk put in their two-penny worth. So if you like what you read then let me know….     and if you don’t, well then I guess you’re probably going to let me know anyway……
have fun……



  1. Hello,

    I was wondering where the photo “look beneath the surface” on your site is from? I’d like to be able to use it for some research I’m doing around anti-trafficking initiatives.
    Thanks very much,

    • Hi Stella,
      I have seen this on a number of other sites and as far as I am aware it is a public domain piccie…..
      I took it from a blog post on the Human Trafficking section of Change.org; but that was a very old post which I believe has now been deleted…..
      feel free to save it from here if you want to……
      what iniatives are you working on?
      best regards john

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