Blog action day – how can you make a difference?

Many of us on this blog action day are aware of our personal duty to help stop climate change. Some folk are already activists and are lobbying their political leaders to make a change in the way we treat our world. But consider for a moment that there are also an awful lot of people for whom the world that we live in is not their first priority. For some people money is a prime motivator and some of these are in a position to influence politicians to help them.
Sadly a lot of politicians will be swayed by this influence and may not act in the environments best interests unless we make our voices heard; unless we convince them that it is in their best interest to listen to our voice for good.
There are many activist sites available on the net these days, but one of the best I have found, and one I can thoroughly recommend is

So on this day of blog action make the extra effort to go on the site and check it out for yourself….     Who knows, you might want to join (it’s free). Check out the pledges and petitions and if you feel its right to do so, then add your voice to the thousands that are already there.
Your vote on an issue will make a difference……..


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  1. Thanks for the links John. there is an interesting social entrepreneur link on that Change website which comes at a time when I’m doing lots of thinking about the shape and direction of my business.

    Please get in touch if you have a moment.

    Also as we speak I’m enjoying the James McMurtry link from your post of that subject. sorry to have missed that gig at the Bongo Club. I have been getting into James McMurtry since I heard Cheyney’s Toy on Bob Harris show last year.

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