James McMurtry at the Bongo Club, Edinburgh – 12th October 2009



What a great venue and an unforgettable night.
James McMurtry and the Heartless Bastards (Daren Hess, drums and Ronnie Johnson, harmony vocals/bass) gave a dazzling performance, with a mix of new songs and old favourites.
McMurtry was particularly spectacular, especially when he was solo on stage. The venue, being small and personal, was perfect.
Over a beer at the bar I asked him why a performer of his stature was playing to such a small crowd (the place was full to the brim, but with less than a hundred folk). He just smiled the way he does and replied that he liked to have a full house.
That really sums it up. This guy just loves playing and he gets a kick out of being that close to a small audience.
If you get a chance to catch any of the rest of the dates on the tour…   do it
Truly fantastic……

Sadly the tour is nearly at an end but here are the rest of The European tour dates during October:
13 Belfast, Northern Ireland, Errigle Inn
14 Kilkenny, Ireland, Langtons Theatre
15 Dublin, Ireland, Whelan’s


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  1. You can check out Jame’s page on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/JamesMcMurtry?ref=search&sid=100000455787474.2251501140..1&v=wall

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